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Prize for Young Polish Art
Views 2009 at the Zacheta in Warsaw

The exhibition Views 2009 at Warsaw’s Zacheta National Gallery is showing work by the six up-and-coming Polish artists nominated for the Views award. Deutsche Bank and its foundation, together with the renowned museum, initiated the prize, endowed with 15,000 Euros, in 2003. This year will mark the fourth presentation of the award, this time additionally with a three-month grant to work at the Villa Romana in Florence. While a few young artists like Paulina Olowska or Wilhelm Sasnal are already established internationally, a broader network of practitioners is slowly developing in Poland. Prominent collectors and distinguished galleries are still rare, as are substantial prizes and grants. In line with the bank’s commitment to the arts, Views supports new local talent and provides a platform for young Polish artists to further show their work.

The Zacheta is featuring this year’s nominees—Wojciech Bakowski, Olaf Brzeski, Bogna Burska, Wojciech Doroszuk, Anna Konik, Anna Molska, and Zorka Wollny—in an exhibition that offers an overview of contemporary Polish art. All of these artists’ works in some respect use video and film and move beyond the fascination with irony that marked the transformation into a post-communist society, concentrating instead on more global and artistically significant themes. For example, Molska creates videos that deal with the cultural conditions of art production, as in Tanagram (2006¬–07), which reflects the current influences of Soviet propaganda and Russian Suprematism on the Polish avant-garde. Doroszuk explores labor migration in his video cycle Reisefieber (2007). In five films, he examines many facets of Eastern European identity by presenting himself as an immigrant guest worker in various jobs. Altogether the nominees illustrate the wide variety and deepening of ideas in contemporary Polish art, and the winner will be announced on October 22 at the Zacheta National Gallery.

Views 2009 – 4th Edition, Competition for the Most Interesting Young Artists of the Polish Art Scene
September 19 – November 15, 2009
Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw

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