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Homage to Louise Bourgeois
Deutsche Bank at the TEFAF

High-caliber art and antiques over 300,000 square feet—with more than 70,000 visitors, including important collectors, museum people, journalists, and numerous art fans that didn’t want to miss this “fair of the superlative.” These are the stats of last year’s TEFAF—the art and antiquities fair that transforms the Exhibition & Congress Center in Maastricht into a temporary museum each year. Deutsche Bank has long been partner to the TEFAF, where leading international galleries present pieces both rare and exquisite, ranging from antique sculptures to paintings by “modern classics” like Andy Warhol and Anselm Kiefer. Also on view are young artists such as the 1989-born Japanese artist Yuina Wada, whose garishly colored paintings are clearly inspired by Manga culture. Over the past several years, a trend has emerged at the TEFAF: more and more collectors are ignoring the once so rigid separations between the old masters, applied arts, and contemporary works, and increasingly, the fair has been opening itself up to contemporary positions and vintage design.

This year, the Deutsche Bank Lounge is dedicated to an exceptional American artist—Louise Bourgeois. On view is one of the most impressive late paper works by the sculptress, who died in 2010. 10 A.M. IS WHEN YOU COME TO ME is the title she gave to this 20-part portfolio. The work portrays hands that touch each other and let go again, only to come back together. They move in bright red over a background of notepaper in a kind of ballet danced to a soundless music. These are the hands of Louise Bourgeois and Jerry Gorovoy, her assistant of 30 years. He was her close friend, her mouthpiece, and her connection to the world after the aged artist was no longer able to leave her home. The work’s title refers to the hour each morning at which Gorovoy came to Bourgeois’s studio. Currently, this document of a close friendship can still be seen in the exhibition The Circle Walked Casually with international drawing from the Deutsche Bank Collection, which the Argentinean curator Victoria Noorthoorn conceived for the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle. Following the end of the exhibition, the series will be shown at the TEFAF before returning to its home location, the Deutsche Bank Towers in Frankfurt.

Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Center
3/14 – 3/23/2014

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